Monday, February 3, 2014

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge: February Reviews

What a great start we have had to this year's HF reading challenge with nearly 100 reviews already submitted! Amazing!

If you haven't already signed up, it's not too late! The sign up post is here.

Just to recap what participants need to know. At the beginning of each month we will put up a post which will have a Mr Linky embedded into it for you to add your link.

Please remember...

  • Add the link(s) of your review(s) including your name and book title to the Mister Linky we’ll be adding to our monthly post (please, do not add your blog link, but the correct address that will guide us directly to your review). A direct link to your Goodreads review is also acceptable 
  • any kind of historical fiction is accepted (fantasy, young adult, graphic novels...) 
  • if you have time, have a look some of the other links that are present. You never know when you will discover new blogs or books! 
Please leave your links for your February reviews in Mr. Linky below or if you don't have a blog, in the comments below

*Note: if you missed posting your links last month, please always post "late" links in the current month's Mr. Linky. For example, if you forgot to post a link in January, please post it on this Mr. Linky in this post.


  1. I am loving this Reading Challenge. I have read more historical fiction in the previous month than I have in many years.

  2. Added a few as I just discovered this challenge and had to add in what I've read to date. This should be fun.

  3. This has been fun. I'm well on my way to my goal, having read "Remarkable Creatures," "The Orphan Train: A Novel," and "The Book Thief" in January.

  4. Oops! I missed the part about putting the books I've read/reviewed by my name. I get that next month.

  5. Well, I only signed up for the 5 book level since I've been atrocious at reading hisfic the last couple of years. But thanks to this challenge I just posted my 5th book and it's only Feb. So of course I'm going to continue on and try to work my way up the ranks.

  6. Sorry. My first link is incorrect.