Friday, January 20, 2012

Sasmira, La fausse note by Laurent Vicomte, Claude Pelet and Patricia Faucon

First of all, this comic is in French, and, to my knowledge there's only a portuguese and spanish edition.

Fourteen very long years after Sasmira, L'Appel, the second volume was finally released a couple of months ago. I cannot even express how excited I was when I saw the book for the first time. For a few minutes, I held it in my hands admiring the cover, like I just couldn't believe it was true !

The story continues in the beginning of the 20th century, where Bertille and Stan are still trying to adapt to this new era. Both are desperate to find out how they found themselves in another time. Prudence, the house owner who seems to accept the couple's time travel quite easily, tries to help them the best she can.

The beautiful and mysterious Sasmira has Stan completely under her spell. This really annoys Bertille, who jealous of her boyfriend's admiration, always find herself in some funny (and sometimes dangerous) situations.
The author's really captured the character of Sasmira: beautiful, attractive, but intimidating and cold. You are drawn to her and repelled at the same time.

We learn more about Prudence's life and her odd relationship with Sasmira (finally !). There are quite a few surprises and not at all predictable. This is certainly one of the strong aspects of this series, you never know what to expect.

Other new characters join the story and while everything seems to get more complex and captivating, it also develops rather slowly. Or maybe after so many years, I want to know more about that Sasmira who seems to manipulate everyone around her.

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The collaboration between Vicomte and Petel gives us some incredibly gorgeous drawings and a real care for detail. It's impossible not to enjoy this volume, especially if you are already a fan of the Sasmira, l'Appel. In the other hand, while I did enjoy La fausse note, I have to say that the long wait and the slow paced story were sometimes very frustrating. Now, I only hope the third volume will not be published in 15 years...

Grade: 4/5

I'll leave you with the trailer:

SASMIRA T2 / Bande-annonce par GLENATBD


  1. I haven't heard of this before. I'd definitely have to find a Spanish translation because my understanding of French is almost non-existant.

  2. there's a german version as well...
    published in november 2011