Sunday, January 1, 2012

Alex's Best of 2011

For the King was one of my favourite books in 2010 and Catherine Delors winned me completely over (well, it was already done with For the King !) with Gabrielle's story. Days and months after reading Mistress of Revolution, I was still thinking about it. This is definately something I would recommend to all history lovers. Can't wait for the next one !

A young adult historical fantasy timeslip. This was enough to get my attention and I'm glad to say that I had a great time reading Ruby Red. I only wish that I could read german or the publishers would rush a little bit more to get the second book, Sapphire Blue, in stores. :)

Other books I enjoyed this year:

  • Dark Road to Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn (one of my favourite series)
  • By The King's Design by Christine Trent (just finished and this book was a great way to end the year in a high note)


  1. I don't recall hearing about Ruby Red before. Will have to go and have a look for it!

  2. I think you'll enjoy, Marg. :)

  3. I added both of these books to my wish list... I had heard of Delors before, just not read her, but this was the first I remember hearing about Ruby Red.