Friday, November 4, 2011

The Historical Fiction Challenge- November Reviews

In October, we collectively read 54 books! That makes our total for 2011 so far, 756 books!

There is still time to join the challenge, go to Historical Fiction Reading Challenge to sign up and then come back to leave your links each month.  There is a new post for your links each month.

Please leave your links for your November reviews in Mr. Linky, below or, if you don't have a blog, in the comments below.

*Note: if you missed posting your links last month, please always post "late" links in the current month's Mr. Linky.  For example, if you forgot to post a link in February, please post it on this Mr. Linky in this post.


  1. I enjoyed immensely going back a few years and reading two great historical fiction books ....Cashelmara by Susan Howatch and also one of Elizabeth Chadwick's earlier novels, The Marsh King's Daughter. Both highly recommended!

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  3. I am so far behind! I have read my quota of books that I was aiming for but getting a review posted has been difficult! Two children running around makes it hard to find quiet time to think! :)

  4. Luckily, I only put myself down for two books, and I'm done!! The Three Musketeers was a last minute pick for me :)

  5. I have read some great historical novels this year and love Historical Tapestry. I've posted a review and hope to link up more in the future.

  6. I only managed to blog about two Clare Darcy novels but I've been enjoying the Jane Austen mystery series by Stephanie Barron.