Saturday, January 15, 2011

HT News

Are you fascinated by all things Eleanor of Aquitaine? Would you like to be guided by best selling author Sharon Kay Penman as you tour around France to retrace her life? If you answered yes to those questions, head over to Sharon's blog to have a look at the itinerary for the tour she is leading in June.

The new historical fiction related challenges keep on popping up all the time. Here are some more that you might be interested in.

Dar from Peeking Through the Pages is running a number of different challenges this year which might appeal to the historical fiction fans. The first is the Sara Donati Wilderness Series challenge (a series I enjoyed and read the last book of last year - the book made it onto my best reads for the year list), the Jean M Auel Earth's Children Series challenge  and finally the 2011 Outlander Challenge. Click on the links for the relevant details!

Another Outlander Series Challenge is being hosted at The Lit Bitch

If you are interested in Christian Historical Fiction then the 2011 Christian Historical Fiction Challenge could be the challenge for you!


  1. I read about Sharon Kay Penman's tour the other day; wouldn't that be awesome to go on!