Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some Elizabeth Chadwick news

Those who are eagerly expecting the release of Elizabeth Chadwick's The Lady of the English (like us!) will be pleased to admire the beautiful cover of the book:

Two very different women are linked by destiny and the struggle for the English crown. Matilda, daughter of Henry I, is determined to win back her crown from Stephen, the usurper king. Adeliza, Henry's widowed queen and Matilda's stepmother, is now married to William D'Albini, a warrior of the opposition. Both women are strong and prepared to stand firm for what they know is right. But in a world where a man's word is law, how can Adeliza obey her husband while supporting Matilda, the rightful queen? And for Matilda pride comes before a fall ...What price for a crown? What does it cost to be 'Lady of the English'?

The Lady of the English will be released the 2 June 2011 in the UK. You can already pre-order it at The Book Depository or

Thanks to Misfit who uploaded this new cover at Goodreads which immediately draw my attention to it.

Also, Sourcebooks came up with a wonderful Elizabeth Chadwick eBook Bundle that includes three of her novels:
Get ready for Elizabeth Chadwick’s highly anticipated new release…
If you haven’t read Elizabeth Chadwick yet – here is your chance. With her new release, To Defy A King, quickly approaching, Sourcebooks has developed the ultimate eBook bundle.
Hailed by the Times of London as “an author who makes historical fiction come gloriously alive,” Elizabeth Chadwick is a gifted storyteller who captures the passion, deceit, honor, and heartbreak of Medieval England like none other.
Now, get three books from historical fiction powerhouse Elizabeth Chadwick at one low price. This bundle includes The Greatest Knight, The Scarlet Lion, and For the King’s Favor, each on their own a shining example of a novelist at the peak of her powers. Taken collectively, you’ll witness an era you won’t want to leave.

Elizabeth Chadwick Bundle: The Greatest Knight, The Scarlet Lion, and For the King’s Favor
Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN 13: 9781402261343
ISBN 10: 1402261349
DLP $35.99 U.S.
epub format (PDF also available)
3 books in one bundle; 1680 pages
November 2010


  1. Can't wait. BTW, uploading covers at Goodreads is a snap if you have librarian status (which just about anyone can apply for and obtain). That cover has been showing up in my feeds there for the last two days. Everyone's putting it on their to-read shelf :)

  2. I"m definately looking forward to this one!

  3. Too early to start a countdown? ;-)

  4. Maybe, but we could always start planning it :)

  5. I've already started my countdown to the release of this book and will be pre-ordering it through Amazon UK!!!