Sunday, August 15, 2010

Challenge: The Alphabet in Historical Fiction

It's time for a new letter in The Alphabet in Historical Fiction but first let's take a look at our entries for the letter P:

1. Rowenna (Hyaline Prosaic) - P is for The Postmistress
2. Marshallslion - P is for Sir Robert Peel
3. Ana (Aneca's World) - P is for Perry
4. Sarah (Reading the Past) - P is for Performers
5. Cat (Tell me a Story) - P is for Peony
6. Carrie (Opalescent Essence) - P is for Poppies
7. Marg (Adventures of an Intrepid Reader) - P is for Pendragon's Banner trilogy 
8. Teddy (So Many Precious Books)- P is for Paul Michel 
9. Wisteria (Bookworm's Dinner) -  P is for Pride and Prejudice retelling

And now it's time to remember the rules and introduce the new letter!

Each fortnight you have to write a blog post about an historical fiction book of your choice (it might even be something you already read before), but it MUST be related to the letter of the fortnight.

You have several possibilities:

- the first letter of the title
- the first letter of the author's first name or surname
- the first letter of a character's first name or surname
- the first letter of a place where an historical event took place

You just have to choose one of them and participate.

Please check our blog each 1st and 15th of the month to find out our new letter, and then link your post (not your blog) back to our page through Mr Linky (see below). Then come and check to see who else has posted and visit their blog to find out all the details of the book they were reading.

You'll have until August 31th to complete your mission, the next letter will be published on September 1st and it is the letter Q:


  1. Can I use P is for Pemberly's Promise? It is actually the setting of Darcy's Voyage.

  2. Oh that would be a ship's name.

  3. Oooh, I'm brainstorming a Q choice now!

  4. Wisteria, that's fine. Leave your link and I will add it to the list.

    Audra, I often know what I want to post, it's just a case of getting the post ready in time! lol.

  5. Hi Marg...Here is the link for Darcy's Voyage...a retell of Pride and Prejudice that takes place on the ship Pemberley's Promise. Thanks!

  6. I have added the link Wisteria.

  7. Shoot, did I miss the deadline? Or is my browser not working? I don't see the usual place to enter my name and link ... Here it is just in case, for Q: