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My Search and Research for The Irish Princess by Karen Harper *giveaway*

Karen Harper’s historical novel, THE IRISH PRINCESS, tells the true story of a woman who belonged to the Fitzgerald family of old Ireland, a family known as “The Uncrowned Kings of Ireland.” Gera Fitzgerald’s story of loss, love, rebellion and reconciliation, set in Ireland and Tudor England, is out in time for St. Patrick’s Day—Erin Go Bragh! And, the author says, the real-life hero is in the tradition of the swashbuckling heroes like Errol Flynn, Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp—and certain Liam Neeson.

My Search and Research for The Irish Princess

It’s a special challenge to research and bring to life a woman who actually lived, especially if most of the clues to her character must be found in her relationship with better known figures. I’m getting to be veteran at such hide-and-seek research. My novels THE LAST BOLEYN (Mary Boleyn), THE FIRST PRINCESS OF WALES (Joan of Kent), SHAKESPEARE’S MISTRESS (Anne Whateley) and THE QUEEN’S GOVERNESS (Katherine Ashley) were all novels I call faction, a blending of fiction and well-researched fact. Travel to historic sites, interviews with experts, and good old library (now on-line too) research may take years, but I love to look for that little revealing nugget of gold.

In Gera’s case, my search for her started with a trip I took to Ireland when I didn’t even know about her. But I fell in love with the Kildare County countryside, the charm of Dublin and the people. And I wondered how long the Irish love/hate relationship with the English went back.

Elizabeth I coronation

Then, in researching Queen Elizabeth I for another novel, I found that for many years she had an Irish woman in her court, a beautiful redhead, who apparently was a good friend. Yet I learned that they frequently argued; the queen once even sent this woman, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, nicknamed Gera, “to the Tower for plain speaking to the queen.” However, Gera was soon released and back in Elizabeth’s good graces. And Gera was married to the Lord High Admiral of England.

How unusual! Elizabeth had a lot of trouble with the Irish. Besides, beautiful women made her nervous when she wanted to be the most lovely woman at court. Of course, the Virgin Queen had many songs and poems praising her, but Gera Fitzgerald had been honored at a young age by the poet Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, in a poem dedicated to “The Fair Geraldine.” (Geraldine she’s named…Her beauty of kind; her virtues from above; happy is he that can attain her love!”) Such adulation cannot have gone over well with the queen. And to take someone back who has argued with her? What gave here?

Edward Clinton

As I delved deeper into Gera’s life (mostly through books about her father and half brother, both Earls of Kildare), I found she had a long love/hate relationship with a sea captain, Edward Clinton, who later became Lord High Admiral of the English navy. Before she wed him, they evidently had a long and turbulent relationship. Ah, the perfect swashbuckling hero. So then I searched for information about him, even read his will. I studied the part of England he came from and found information on the ruins of his homes.

I corresponded with the caretakers of Maynooth Castle in Ireland where Gera grew up. As I studied her family in Irish history books, the necessary trials and tribulations for a plot found me: most of the Fitzgerald men, including her brother and uncles, were executed (yes, beheaded!) by King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth’s father. The plot thickens because of Gera’s marriage to Edward Clinton, this dashing figure who worked for Gera’s enemies. I located two paintings of Clinton and two of her. What must be the motives and power of this woman who stares defiantly out from these two still extant portraits (and later, from the cover of my book?)

Another example of digging out details: After many turbulent, but happy years of marriage with her English admiral (Gera once even took his place as ship’s captain and arrested a pirate!) her husband’s handwritten will shows how much he loved and trusted her, so much so that her stepson was really upset at the power and decisions the Irish spitfire was entrusted with. And so, from little telling details are characters born, plots laid and novels written.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald, "the Irish Princess"

Another painting of Elizabeth

I hope Gera and Edward Clinton, Queen Elizabeth and the villain King Henry leap right off the page for readers, because that was what they did for me when I researched and wrote of their lives. I have studied Henry Tudor for years, but never concentrated so completely on his final years and the mysteries surrounding his death. A secret back room was his death chamber? His royal will was never signed? In his final hours he swung between lucidity and the belief he was talking to Jane Seymour? Thank you, Gera Fitzgerald for being a treasure of a heroine whom it was worth the effort and time to dig out of the past.

So this St. Patrick’s Day, I will dance a jig for Gera just as she loved to do with Elizabeth Tudor, who could have been her enemy but became her lifelong friend.


NYTimes and USA TODAY bestselling author Karen Harper also writes romantic suspense for Mira Books, most recently a trilogy set in Amish country, DARK ROAD HOME, DARK HARVEST and DARK ANGEL. You can learn all about Karen and her impressive backlist at her website.



Thanks to Karen's generosity, we have two copies of The Irish Princess to give away to two of our readers. To participate just follow the rules:

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Good luck to everyone!


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