Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Michelle Moran's next Book Trailer

Yes, I know that Michelle's current book has only just been released, but she is hard at work on writing and getting the promotional goodies ready for the next book, Cleopatra's Daughter, which she mentioned in her interview here a couple of weeks ago.

She has just released two new book trailers for Cleopatra's Daughter which is due out on September 15 2009. Michelle has said that the book cover at the end of the trailer is a stand in at this time.


60 Second Trailer

30 Second Trailer with voiceover

Looks great so far!


  1. This is a book I really can't for. I really enjoyed Nefertiti and loved The Heretic Queen. I have a feeling Cleopatra's Daughter will be my favourite.


  2. It certainly looks good doesn't it!