Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cover Story: Vivaldi's Virgins

Since Vivaldi's Virgins has such a beautiful cover and now there are different covers for the foreign editions we couldn't resist doing a cover story and sharing them all here. Which is your favourite?

Paperback Cover

Dutch Cover

Russian Cover

Greek Cover

Spanish Cover

Hebrew Cover

Vivaldi's Virgins has been sold for translation in 12 countries:
Portuguese (in Brasil)--publisher: Bertrand
Spanish (worldwide)--publisher: Maeva
Dutch--publisher: Karakter
Russian--publisher: Exmo
Hebrew--publisher: Aryeh Nir
Portuguese--publisher: Presenca
Romanian--publisher: RAO
Korean--publisher: Arum
Greek--publisher: Minoas
Korean--publisher: Erum
Estonian--publisher: Eesti Raamat
Polish--Publisher: Bertelsmann

So more covers will be available soon...


  1. I have no idea how it fits with the actual contents of the book, but I do like the Russian one!

  2. So far my favourite is the original paperback cover. I quite like the look of the girl looking back and then the music in the bottom.

  3. I like the Russian one as well.

  4. Oooh, I really like the Spanish cover...that's a cover that would make me pick up a book!

  5. I agree - the Spanish cover is beautiful...reminds me of one of Rosalind Laker's covers. Geez, Michele...could we agree on more things?

  6. I am most attracted to the Spanish cover, but of course, it's whats between the covers that I am most interested in. LOL! I so want to read this book!