Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Do you often read a book and then wish that you could read a book that is set in a similar time frame? Do you sometimes need help finding such novels. Well, this site may just help you. Historicalnovels.info has been set up to provide lists and reviews of books that have particular settings. It could be a very helpful resource in finding different books to read!

Author Michelle Moran has a new interview up today with Susan Fraser King who has an upcoming release called Lady Macbeth. It seems that the real Lady Macbeth may not quite have been the evil villain that is portrayed so vividly in Shakespeare's play...you know... The Scottish Play! The interview is an interesting read, and can be read here.

Although it has a completely different setting and time frame, another upcoming release that sounds interesting is Harriet and Isabella by Patricia O'Brien about Harriet Beecher Stowe and her sister Isabella. There is an interview up with the author over at Reading the Past. Reading the Past is one of those blogs that I always end up having to add books to my TBR list when I go and visit there, and this one was no exception. Actually, there is a giveaway as well, so maybe it just won't have to cost me money this time!!

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