Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kailana's Intro

Howdy everyone! I am a little slow on posting my intro, but here I am! So, first things first, Kailana is not my real name. Although, I think it would be very cool if it was, it's an original name. My name is in fact Kelly, but you can refer to me as whichever. I am not picky. Kailana is my alter ego of sorts, a bookworm (okay, so that carries through to everything) elf in an online comic that is currently not being published. If she ever is again, she is based off me. (I included a picture of her, which you can see on the right, because I like putting pictures on posts and felt my post needed some colour.)

In any case, I have two blogs other than this one. My own blog, Kailana's Written World, and another group blog that mostly concentrates on fantasy, Twisted Kingdom. I should be honest straight up, I love history, but most of my life it was non-fiction books. History has always came naturally to me, and it was my minor in university. So, while I now read historical fiction, my favourite genre is fantasy. This means that I like to mix the two of them up from time to time and read historical fantasy.

I am also going to branch out and say that unlike many people, Philippa Gregory was not my introduction to historical fiction and I much rather would read a book set in Canada (where I live) than England. I love how people can remember their first historical fiction book, I am sitting here drawing a blank on that front. I remember reading Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker in the fourth grade, and while it does not take place too far back in history, that is the first historical fiction-type book that I remember reading. (Great book by the way!)

I am better at time periods than anything else. I really like historical fiction about Canada, books set in Egypt, and books about the first and second World Wars. These are the three things that I enjoy above all else. I will read books set in European history (which Canada sort of is anyways), but I am still relatively new in that genre. As to my favourite authors, I have never been very good at picking favourite authors, or books for that matter. I have read Sharon Penman, Philippa Gregory, Sarah Dunant, authors like that. I just recently read Nefertiti by Michelle Moran. That was a very good read! Oh, and The Blood of Flowers by an author whose last name I could not spell right now.

I forgot to add a "personal" note. It is always so much easier to talk about books than myself. Well, let's see. As I said above, I live in Canada. I will just say the east coast because most people do not know their Canadian geography anyways! I just graduated from university in May, so I am trying to decide what the next chapter of my life will include. I am hoping lots of reading! I have always read, since I was really little. Actually, my first word was "tickle" and, for me, that meant book. Do not ask me why, but it beat out "mom" and "dad". So, reading was there from a very early age. I started out with "Sweet Valley High" and "Baby-Sitter's Club". I do not know when I started, but I have a memory of talking about how boring those books were when I was in grade 2. My mother bought them for me, I read them, I soon got bored of them and moved on to more "advanced" reading. Anyways, I love blogging, it is funny I got Stephanie interested in it because it was Marg that got me started. My two top genres are fantasy and historical fiction, but I read lots of other things as well. I cannot say I am easy-going, though, because I am not big in romance, westerns, mystery, or horror. Not because these are terrible genres, but because there are too many other books to read.

Anyways, I will hopefully read some more of the historical fiction on my shelves, and have another blog to keep me busy! Happy reading!

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