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Audiobook Blog Tour: The Typewriter Girl by Alison Atlee

Audible AudioBook Edition Release Date: April 4, 2014
Listening Length: 12 hours and 39 minutes
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English

Synopsis From

All Betsey Dobson has ever asked is the chance to be viewed on her own merits, but in a man’s world, that is the unforgivable sin.

When Betsey disembarks from the London train in the seaside resort of Idensea, all she owns is a small valise and a canary in a cage. After attempting to forge a letter of reference she knew would be denied her, Betsey has been fired from the typing pool of her previous employer. Her vigorous protest left one man wounded, another jilted, and her character permanently besmirched.

Now, without money or a reference for her promised job, the future looks even bleaker than the debacle behind her.

But her life is about to change…because a young Welshman on the railroad quay, waiting for another woman, is the one man willing to believe in her.

Mr. Jones is inept in matters of love, but a genius at things mechanical. In Idensea, he has constructed a glittering pier that astounds the wealthy tourists. And in Betsey, he recognizes the ideal tour manager for the Idensea Pier & Pleasure Building Company.

After a lifetime of guarding her secrets and breaking the rules, Betsey becomes a force to be reckoned with. Now she faces a challenge of another sort: Not only to outrun her sins, but also to surrender to the reckless tides of love.


So What Did I Think About The Story?:

It is hard not to love a character like Betsey Dobson! Her intelligence, spunk and drive are so admirable and the fact that she refuses to let any individual or society as a whole dictate how she should live her life made her really stand out as a character for me. The vast majority of people surrounding her - both men and women - seemed so confined within their gender and class roles and it was really interesting to watch her break through every barrier put up in front of her and see  how her actions influenced and/or changed those she interacted with.  She is far from perfect, however, and was not afraid to lie, cheat and seduce to get what she wanted, and all this with her head held high. Betsey was also vulnerable at times and seemed to put up her own defenses in the hopes of keeping herself from getting hurt, especially when it came to her heart. All of these characteristics combined to made her seem very real and flawed and had me rooting her on in the hopes that she would realize she is worthy of not only her independence but a deep, mutual love and not just the physical love she had let herself experience up to coming to Idensea.

One of the people Betsey seemed to influence the most was John Jones, the man in charge of building the Idensea Pier and the one who saw something in her, from the moment she stepped off that train, and gave her the shot to prove her worth as tour manager. Starting out as a very conventional man who seemed happy enough at first to marry for money and build his wealth and reputation, he could  not deny that Betsey had a spark and determination he had never seen before, nor could he deny the admiration and affection that continued to build within him. These two are from two different worlds and with all that stood between them I really wasn't sure if they were going to find there way to a lasting relationship.  Betsey was a hard nut to crack and it was quite entertaining to see these two strong willed characters battle against each other only to come together and separate over and over again.

Beyond the entertaining and endearing characters, the descriptions of life in London and in Idensea really helped place me in the thick of the world these characters inhabited. There was quite the contrast between the hard, hand-to-mouth existence Betsey inhabited in London and the grandeur and wealth of those wealthy tourists whiling away their vacations in Idensea. Placing Betsey in both locales gives the reader the chance to not only see these differences but to incorporate the local people living in Idensea into this world and story they typically wouldn't be a part of. And those Idensea natives are something I would have been sad to miss as they are some of the most endearing components of the story.

The only downside to listening to the audiobook version of The Typewriter Girl was distinguishing the various characters as they spoke, especially the males. The narrator did a remarkable job of trying to give each person their own voice but with a number of secondary characters this wasn't always possible. Other than that I was very impressed with the narrator's ability to express the humor and sadness the characters experienced and to build and release the tension within the story when appropriate.  I happened to listen to the story on my commute to and from work and found myself disgruntled when I arrived at my destination and had to turn off the story.

Anyone liking a strong willed, flawed female character going against the grain of society or an unconventional love story will find much to enjoy in The Typewriter Girl. I'm excited to see what Ms. Atlee comes up with next.


So What Did I Think About The Cover?: 

I think its beautiful! While I'm not sure if I see Betsey as the woman on the dock...I imagine her in a more determined stance, maybe with her hands on hips...the colors are pleasing and it definitely showcases the pier that plays such an important part in the story.

My Rating: 4.0/5.0

Thank you to Amy at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for providing me with an audiobook copy of The Typewriter Girl in exchange for an honest review! Be sure to come back tomorrow for a guest post by Alison Atlee and continue below to find information about the author, where to buy The Typewriter Girl and the complete tour schedule. There is also a chance to win a copy of The Typewriter Girl and some swag of your very own so keep reading!



Praise for The Typewriter Girl

“Atlee’s out¬standing debut unflinchingly explores … the unforgiving man’s world of Victorian England.” –PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)

“Easily one of the most romantic books I’ll read all year … John and Betsey are compelling and worth rooting for.” –DEAR AUTHOR (a Recommended Read)

“Sweeps readers to a satisfying conclusion.” –LIBRARY JOURNAL


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About the Author

03_Alison Atlee

Alison Atlee spent her childhood re-enacting Little Women and trying to fashion nineteenth century wardrobes for her Barbie dolls. Happily, these activities turned out to be good preparation for writing historical novels. She now lives in Kentucky.
For more information please visit Alison Atlee’s website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads and Pinterest.

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  1. When you review a audio book, it would help if you included the name of the person who narrated it in your review, as their contribution to the material, their performance, helped shape your perception of the book and made it a collaborative experience between author and narrator, which is a different experience than reading the printed book on one's own. Thanks!