Friday, June 6, 2014

Fact Fiction Friday ~ Operation Neptune

Continuing our new and regular feature here at Historical Fiction.  

Each Friday we will publish an historical fact based upon the date. Each fact will be accompanied by a book(s) title and perhaps a review or other snippet.

6th June 1944. Today marks the anniversary of Operation Neptune - D Day, when 150,000 Allied Expeditionary Force landed on the shores of Normandy.

Operation Neptune, The Inside Story Of Naval…There are many books written about the subject and it is a fascinating one. The "simple" crossing of so many troops, from all nations coming together in such a tactical way with the task of capturing Europe from the Nazi regime. 

I know from my own research that my Grandfather was in North West Europe and arrived on 25th July 1944. What did he see I wonder? 

This book is on my book list, because whilst my Grandfather did not take part in D-Day or the events leading up to it (he had been in Sierra Leone for over two years prior to that) this book will set the scene for what he observed and the emotions that go along with that. He passed away in 1974 and I have his war medals framed and hanging on my landing and I am truly proud of his contribution.

Operation Neptune by Vice-Admiral B.B Schofield

Why not leave a comment. Did you have family members who took part in D-Day or served in the services during the Second World War?

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