Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thursday Threads - What Do You Want to Read?

I am writing this post on Wednesday UK time, so for some of the globe it is already Thursday, so I am sure I am forgiven for posting a wee bit early!

I have just read a review of a book which is perhaps not in the strictest sense a historical fiction book, but one that perhaps tells a story of times, not really that long ago.

For me, that review sold me the book; and just as soon as I have posted this I shall buy the kindle version of the book and read it. So my question for this week's Thursday's Thread is

What book do you feel that you just have to read?

And just before I close, I had best tell you the book - Listening to Country by Ros Moriarty and the review was written by ANZ LitLovers and you can read it HERE

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