Wednesday, May 8, 2013

HT Recommends: Books about Huguenots

Nicci writes
"Can anyone recommend me books relating to the Huguenots? ~ Thank you"

Historical Fiction
  • Sergeanne Golon's Angelique books - there is a rather informative website HERE, which lists the books in order and gives some background details to the series. Thanks to Ana for the details.
  • The Refugees: A Tale of Huguenot Persecution by Arthur Conan Doyle (published Fireship Press Jan 2010) - see also the Inheritance series
  • Ambroise the Huguenot - A History of a French Huguenot Family by Esther Cleveland (published 2007)
  • Traits and Stories of the Hugueonts by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • The Huguenot Sword by Shawn Lamb - Details & Excerpt
  • La Reine Margot by Alexandre Dumas. Thanks to Ana for the details.
Historical Information
  • Huguenots of London by Robin D Gwynn (published 1998)
  • Tracing your Huguenot Ancestors by Kathy Cater (published 2012)
  • Huguenots in London by Hazlett Lynch (published 2012) - a small snapshot!
  • There is also a useful and informative website which looks at the London aspect in Spitalfields
  • The Huguenots by Geoffrey Treasure (published 2013)
If anyone can think of anything that would be great reading please add to comments!


  1. There are two information-packed websites about the Huguenots settling in Virginia in the early Colonial period that I have used to help with some family research.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth for those sites. I am now going to explore those!