Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thread - Other Historical Fiction Series

On the back of last week's Thursday Thread about the Morland Dynasty books by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, you can read that that thread HERE, I thought about a comment made by several readers that the series builds on through the same family and encompasses major historical events.

Suddently, out of nowhere, the contemplation of other sets that have that same process, of developing a family over the Centuries or a period of time.

I wonder if there is such a series set in India? Nothing springs to mind. So the question for this week is....

What other sets of books are there that you can think of, or have enjoyed or plan to read?
Please do share!


  1. The Raj Quartet set by Paul Scott - set in India. I read these long, ago. According to my reading log in 1989. So time for a re-read I think!

  2. The fantastic House of Niccolo and The Lymond Chronicles both by Dorothy Dunnett.

  3. I have the first book in yhe Atilla series by William Napier.

  4. The Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes - they're focused on American history, and I haven't read them since high school but I really liked them. It might be time for a re-read, actually.

    1. I was just going to say that, the Kent Family Chronicles. I read some of them years ago & really liked them. Don't know why I didn't finish, but would like to read them again. The series started in 1974, I think to commemorate the bicentennial.

  5. The Into the Wilderness series by Sara Donati kind of does this over a couple of generations. The later books in the series focus on the kids of the original main characters.

    Good question though - it will be interesting to see what other series are recommended!

  6. The Good Earth books do this. It's actually a trilogy, and each books focuses on a new generation. I did enjoy them when I read them in high school, but never actually finished the third.