Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Threads

With the sun out (finally) in England my thoughts have turned to spring and summer.

If you were off to a remote island for a few weeks in the sun and could only take ONE piece of historical fiction with you what would you take?

I would take the very first book in the Outlander series, so that I can familiarise myself with the series ready for the pending release of the next installment.

Over to you.....


  1. I would take the Book Thief as it is in WW2 and I am in love with it!!!!

  2. Right now I think I would take Sunne in Splendor because I like Penman and I'm curious about Richard, with the recent discovery of remains. Th e other alternative is Gone with the Wind, which I still haven't read :-(
    Outlander is a good pick as well and I loved the Book Thief, but if its anything like the first time that I read it, I would wash off the sunscreen with my tears!

  3. All good suggestions so far.

    Maybe I would take Wolf Hall as I would be forced to read it and finish it if it was the only thing available to me!