Sunday, December 9, 2012

Les Miserables Read-along: third week

After three weeks reading Les Misérables, I'm completely immersed in the story.

My love for Jean Valjean continues to grow, even if I'm enjoying every scene with the dashing young Marius. Right now I'm feeling a bit sad about Eponime feelings towards him... She tries really hard, but she never stood a chance. I always wanted something good to happen to her, in the end. How do you feel about her ?

Also, what do you think of the Thénardiers as the villains of the story ? Or are they too cliché ?

This week I also decided to watch the 1998 movie with Liam Neeson who played my favourite Jean Valjean until now. Same for Geoffrey Rush who was a very interesting Javert. Do you have a favourite version ?


  1. Just a correction: it's Marius, not Marcus.

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  3. I am behind on the readalong, but I am still reading! About half way through now.

  4. I am also a little behind on the read-a-long this week but I am enjoying Marius character.