Saturday, December 15, 2012

Les Miserables Read-along: the end

Our read-along was supposed to end yesterday and, as I suspected, I didn't manage to finish the book (I still have about 200 pages to go !). Those interested can always return to the week posts and leave some thoughts or the link to a review.

Right now I'm reading about Cosette's wedding and thinking about everything she and Jean Valjean went through. A very emotional moment !

What did you like and dislike in Les Misérables ?

If you could what would you change in the book ?

Do you have a favourite quote ?

This was such a wonderful opportunity to reread Les Misérables. A big thanks to those who participated!


  1. I'm behind too with about 300 pages to go I'll be back to comment in a few days

  2. I am about 400 pages to go. Had to put it down to read something else, but I am definitely going to pick it back up again.

  3. Well I finally finished before years end as I had aimed to. I really enjoyed this read (except for a couple of very long winded tangents which I confess to skipping over) and am looking forward to seeing the movie next week. In the end I felt sad that Jean was buried in an un-named grave but I guess he had moved past being Jean Valjean the convict but nor did he belong as his other two assumed identitities so in that way it did make some sense to be buried un-named. I liked the Cinderella type story of Cosettes life and was glad that she ended up happy. I thought Fantine and Eponine were the most tragic characters in the book. There's nothing much I would change except leaving out particularly the Waterloo tangent or rather shortening it so as to still keep the storyline but there was definitely a long winded tangent here which I skimmed over. I marked a lot of quotes and whilst I don't have a favourite as such I liked the social / political commentary especially of the first third of the book. Thanks for hosting the read-a-long, without it Les Misérables would have sat for a long time on my TBR pile.