Saturday, November 17, 2012

HT Recommends - WWI in Historical Fiction

Our HT Recommends feature is becoming a regular one at every thematic event we have. As in previous entries we thought it would be interesting to have a post listing the main HF titles where WWI plays a role, be it an important or secondary one. We tried to make an exaustive list and we left out books by contemporary authors on purpose. If you have any HF title dealing with WWI and that we missed do let us know in the comments and we will add it to our list. Enjoy!

Lyn Andrews - Angels of Mercy
Patricia Anthony - Flanders
Pat Barker - Regeneration
Pat Barker - Eye in The Door
Pat Barker - The Ghost Road
Pat Barker - Life Class
Sebastian Barry - A Long, Long Way
Rosalind Belben - Our Horses in Egypt
Maggie Bennett,  - The Carpenter's Children
Emma Blair -  Forget-Me-Not
William Boyd -  An Ice Cream War
Joseph Boyden - Three Day Road
Colin E. Demet -  Iolaire and the Beasts of Holm
Margaret Dickinson -  Suffragette Girl
Robert Dinsdale - The Harrowing
Marc Dugain -  The Officers’ Ward
Helen Dunmore - Zennor in Darkness
Robert Edric - In Desolate Heaven
Nigel Farndale -  The Blasphemer
Sebastian Faulks-  Birdsong
Timothy Findley - The Wars
Thomas J. Fleming - Over There
Ken Follett - Fall of Giants
Mackenzie Ford - Gifts of War
Alexander Fullerton - The Blooding of the Guns
Alexander Fullerton - Sixty Minutes for St.
Alexander Fullerton - Patrol to the Golden
Alexander Fullerton - Flight to Mons
Robert Goddard - In Pale Battalions
Ron Graham - Flight of Youth
Hilary Green - Daughters of War
Hilary Green - Passions of
Philippa Gregory - Fallen Skies
Jessica Gregson - The Angel Makers
Nicholas Griffin - Dizzy City
Paul Gross - Passchendaele
Ray Grover - March to the Sound of the Guns
Rosie Harris - Whispers of Love
Cynthia Harrod- Eagles - The White Road
Cynthia Harrod- Eagles - The Burning Roses
Cynthia Harrod- Eagles - The Measure of Days
Cynthia Harrod- Eagles - The Foreign Field
Cynthia Harrod- Eagles - The Fallen Kings
Jaroslav Hasek - The Good Soldier Svejk
Susan Hill - Strange Meeting
Audrey Howard - Whispers on The Water
Audrey Howard - All The Night Ends
Audrey Howard - All The Dear Faces
Jonathan Hull - Losing Julia
Meg Hutchinson - Friendship's Bond
June Hutton - Underground
Frances Itani - Deafening
Reina James - This Time of Dying
Marjorie Jones - The Lighthorseman
Guy Jonhson - Standing at The Scratch Line
Maureen Lee - Martha's Journey
Elizabeth Lord - All That We Are
Tom Keneally - Daughter of Mars
John MacNintch - The Brother Keepers
Kevin Major - No Man's Land
David Malouf - Fly Away Peter
Henning Mankell - Depths
James Meek - The People's Act of Love
Deborah Moggach - In The Dark
Alan Monaghan - The Soldier's Song
Alan Monaghan - The Soldier's Return
Jojo Moyes - The Girl You Left Behind
Anton Myrer - Once An Eagle
Pamela Oldfield - Loving and Losing
Heather Parkinson - Accross Open Ground
Michelle Paver - The Serpent's Tooth
Anne Perry - No Graves As Yet
Anne Perry - Shoulder The Sky
Anne Perry - Angels in The Gloom
Anne Perry - At Some Disputed Barricade
Anne Perry - We Shall Not Sleep
Richard Powers - Three Farmers on Their Way to A Dance
Ron Rash - The Cove
Robert Radcliffe - Across the Blood-Red Skies
Piers Paul Read - Alice in Exile
Douglas Reeman - The Last Raider
Douglas Reeman - The Horizon
Derek Robinson - The Goshawk Squadron
Derek Robinson - War Story
Derek Robinson - Hornet's Sting
Phillip Rock - The Passing Bells
Phillip Rock - Circles of Time
Phillip Rock - A Future Arrived
Robert Ryan - Empire of Sand
Jeff Shaara - To The Last Man
Danny Scheinmann - Random Acts of Heroic Love
David Semmel - 11th of Av
Susan Sherman - The Little Russian
Jody Shields - The Crimson Portrait
Richard Skinner - The Red Dancer: The Life and Times of Mata-Hari
Wilbur Smith - The Burning Shore
Nick Stafford - Armistice
Fred Stemme - The Liutenant's Whistle
Charles Todd - A Duty to The Dead
Charles Todd - An Impartial Witness
Charles Todd - A Bitter Truth
Charles Todd - An Unmarked Grave
Barbara Tuchman - The Guns of August
Penny Vicenzi - No Angel
Kate Walbert - A Short History of Women
Paul Watkins - In the Blue Light of African Dreams
Gene Wilder - My French Whore
Beatriz Williams - Overseas
John Wilson - And In The Morning
Jacqueline Winspear - Maisie Dobbs ( see also Maisie Dobbs )
Jacqueline Winspear - Birds of a Feather  ( see also Birds of a Feather )
Jacqueline Winspear -  Pardonable Lies  ( see also Pardonable Lies )
Peter Yeldham - Barbed Wire and Roses 
 Frank Yerby - Tobias and The Angel


  1. Great list - I love reading about WWI and a lot of these titles are new to me! You could also add The Last Summer by Judith Kinghorn and Blow on a Dead Man's Embers by Mari Strachan.

  2. What about All Quiet on the Western Front?