Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Threads - Where and When Are You Reading?

Happy Thursday! This week, we'd like to know:

Where and when are you reading?

Here's our responses:

Marg: I am in Elizabethan England with Ursula Blanchard. She is once again being called upon to investigate a crime but this time the target is her own family and friends. (Queen's Bounty by Fiona Buckley)

Kelly: I am currently in Vienna. It is November 9, 1938 and a Jewish doctor and his family are currently seeing the true horrors of the Nazis. (The Far Side of the Sky by Daniel Kalla)

Ana: I am in 14th century London with Crispin Guest, a medieval knight and a detective of sorts in Jeri Westerson's Veil of Lies.

Nanette: World War I has just ended, and I'm in England, France, Wales, and Russia with the numerous characters from Ken Follett's Fall of Giants.


  1. I'm in Victorian England, in a bustling industrial town with Margaret Hale and Mr. Thornton in Gaskell's North and South.

  2. I'm in 1476 Florence. Actually it's not really historical fiction as I'm reading Assassin's Creed - Renaissance which is based on a video game but it's a great setting and it promises to dwell on some of the politics at the time. Or at least I hope since I only read the first chapter. :/

  3. I'm in two different times and places this week - I'm in Tudor England with Thomas Cromwell (Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel) and 15th century Cyprus (Race of Scorpions by Dorothy Dunnett).

  4. Nanette, Ken Follett is on my list of authors I should have read! Especially that book and Pillars of the Earth.

  5. I'm in England right now at the close of the 18th century with the Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne, while they are staying with Mrs. Jennings (Sense and Sensibility).