Friday, July 13, 2012

One thing that a blogiversary does is make you think about the direction that you are heading in, a time of review, of contemplation and of thinking about the future. We here at Historical Tapestry are no different and we are therefore announcing a couple of changes to the team here at HT.

We are sad to say that both Teddy and Alex will be leaving Historical Tapestry as permanent members.

Teddy first joined Historical Tapestry in 2008 and since then has contributed to the group in innumerable ways, including being responsible for running the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge over the last year or so. We anticipate that Teddy will be sharing guest reviews with us on an occasional basis and we wish Teddy all the best with her future blogging, especially with her blog tour company. You will still be able to catch Teddy at her blog, So Many Precious Books, So Little Time.

Alex was an important contributor to Historical Tapestry even before she officially joined the group as she is responsible for most of the gorgeous graphics that you find here at HT. Thankfully, she has volunteered to still be available for this as I can assure you that I (Marg) have absolutely no talent for this kind of work! Alex has also contributed reviews, posts about living in France and so much more, and like Teddy we anticipate that Alex will still provide the occasional guest review! Alex will still be blogging at Le Canape.

Both will fulfil any commitments that they already have made to authors for reviews here.

Kelly, Ana and Marg thank both Teddy and Alex for their contribution to Historical Tapestry and wish them all the best in the future.


  1. Just found you from a Twitter link. What a very cool review blog. I'll add you to my blogs sidebar of book review blogs that I keep up as a resource for writers. I like that you specialize in reviewing historical fiction. Don't see a follow button here but I'll be back just the same!

  2. Thanks so much Ana, Kelly, and Marg! It was wonderful being a part of HT and I am sorry I had to make the dificult decision to leave as a permanent member.