Monday, July 9, 2012

The Book Cover Mystery

How good is your memory and your sleuthing abilities? In 2010, to celebrate our blogiversary we did a Book Cover Mystery. It was a big success so we decided to do it again this year.

The rules are simple: we post 10 parts of several historical fiction covers and you have to discover which book it is and send us the of the title and the author. To make things a little easier, we also give some clues. After finding out all the covers, you can send your answers to our email:
historical.tapestry at gmail dot com
The winners will be randomly selected among those who gave the all right answers.
  • Contest is open Worldwide
  • Do not post your answers in the comments, to give everyone a fair chance we decided to have the answers emailed to us. Or else the first readers to comment will be at a disadvantage.
  • The contest ends the 15 July at midnight GMT and the name of the winners will be announced the 17 July.


We have 3 copies of Douglas R. Skopp book Shadows Walking to give away to 3 winners. Kailana has read it and considers it one of her favourite reads of the year. She will post will post a review soon.
Johann Brenner, an idealistic physician and ardent German nationalist, has joined the Nazi Party and willingly participated in its "crimes against humanity." His Jewish childhood friend, Philipp Stein, has also become a doctor. Their lives inevitably intersect until their last, fateful meeting. After the war, Brenner, with stolen papers and a new name, has become a janitor in the courthouse where the Nuremberg Trials are being held. Hoping to "heal himself" and begin a new life with his estranged wife, he decides that he must write her a letter telling what he has done--and why.

Are you ready?

1 - Recently published book set in Japan

2 - Another recently published book but this time set in Spain

3 - A young adult HT set during WWII

4 - Many books had Titanic related plots this year

5 - HF set in 19th century India

6 - An epistolary novel set during WWII

7 - A novel about drapers set in 19th century England

8 - A Comic HF set at the beginning of the 20th century

9 - A Regency Historical with a truly evil villain

10 - The Napoleonic court can be a dangerous place for a young woman

Good luck! All these covers have been featured on this blog recently
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  1. This is such a great idea!

    BTW your first image file name gives it away!

  2. Whoops! That's a very generous hint then!