Friday, June 1, 2012

Announcing the Daphne du Maurier Season

June has arrived and with it another, the fourth, edition of out Historical Tapestry Season. This year's edition is devoted to Dame Daphne du Maurier and either you are already a fan or new to her work we hope you will join us in the next few weeks in discussing her work.

We are still accepting guest posts so, if you have something to say about Daphne du Maurier or her work, do let us know either by leaving a comment with your contact on this post or by sending us an email to  historical.tapestry at gmail dot com.

During this period we will also continue to post about other books we have been reading and hosting posts by historical fiction authors and we hope you visit us often during the next few weeks and that you have as much fun participating as we've had preparing this.


  1. I love Du Maurier -- I am so looking forward to the guest posts!

  2. Hope you are enjoying them Audra!

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