Saturday, October 15, 2011

ITV Northanger Abbey (2007)

Northanger Abbey was adapted by Andrew Davies (Pride & Prejudice, BBC Sense & Sensibility) and it follows the book more or less closely, taking a few liberties sometimes a bit astonishing (we'll talk about it a little further).

The most agreable surprise in this adaptation was definately JJ Feild - Mr Tilney - who was perfect as the wise and sensitive young clergyman. His first scenes with Catherine Morlan (Felicity Jones) are wonderful and it's easy to understand why he feels so attracted to her cheerfulness. His good looks and smile conquered my heart immediately.
Felicity Jones was refreshing as Catherine, the young naive and sweet girl obsessed with gothic novels. I couldn't keep from laughing watching her daydreaming with brigands and duels and playing the damsel in distress. Such a vivid imagination !

Let's not forget Carey Mulligan who gives an incredible performance as the scheming and sensual Isabella. She certainly made my blood boil with anger, just like her bully of a brother.
An interesting note about the casting of this adaptation, Sylvestra Le Touzel - Mrs Allen - interpreted Fanny Price in 1983 version of Mansfield Park.

Now, about the liberties… Some scenes were spiced up (tipically of Davies) or entirely invented, like Catherine nude in her bath or Isabella in bed with Captain Tilney. Also, some of heroine's dreams made scandal especially the bounding scene but, for us, it didn't spoiled this version at all. Northanger Abbey remains one of my favourite Jane Austen adaptations.

Besides the impecable acting, the attention to detail and the scenery with it's vibrant colors made a wonderful period drama.


  1. I liked this adaption better than the first one, but I still felt like they haven't nailed down 'Northanger Abbey' yet. I can't put my finger on why with the exception of the added scenes that you have already noted.
    Good post, thanks!

  2. I agree with sophia, I like this adaptation better. Still, you are correct, they did take a few liberties.

  3. Love this book and movie version much better. Haven't read NA in a while so can't say what the differences between book and movie are.

  4. This was definitely my favorite adaption. And yes... partly because JJ Feild is really easy on the eyes. ;)

  5. MY favourite NA adaptation, I think Felicity Jones is a wonderful Catherine . :-)