Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Beauty Chorus by Kate Lord Brown

It is New Years Eve, 1940 and Evie Chase is determined to make a difference in the war effort.  On January 5th, 1941 she enlists  in the ATA to ferry  across WWII Britain.   Her father is a wealthy RAF commander and is not happy with her decision and takes away her allowance, but Evie sticks to her principals and moves into a mice infested cottage with two other new members of the ATA, Stella and Megan.

Stella is the mother of a baby boy but has left him with her parents in law.  She is trying to sort out her feelings regarding her "dead" husband.  Megan is a teenagers from a Welsh village, who has left for the first time.

Together the three woman train together and live together and become fast friends and allies.  Once they start ferrying planes, Evie meets a pilot from the U.S.A. and falls in love.  They are engaged to be married when tragedy strikes and her fiancé is killed in combat.  Stella and Megan also find love.  

Beau is the trainer of the three woman and one of their commanders.  He and Evie mix together like cats and dogs most of the time.  He is also engages to a rich girl that he grew up with but the relationship is quite rocky.  He was burned badly in combat and she called off the engagement.  She abandoned him when he needed her most and then when he was better, came back  and begged forgiveness.  Can he forgive and does he want to?

Despite the fact that just about everything that happened in this book was totally predictable, I did enjoy it.  I knew nothing about the ATA and learned about its history.  The characters were well thought out and three dimensional.  You could call this book a character study.  That is it's true strength.  I would have liked a bit more plot and surprise.  I knew what was going to happen with each character well before it happened with only a couple of exceptions.  

This is Kate Lord Browns first book and a good attempt.  I am looking forward to seeing how she grows with her writing.  If you like character studies and want to learn more about the ATA in WWII, this is a book for you.



  1. This sounds fairly interesting, content wise. May have to look into this one.

  2. I'm sorry you didn't like this one more. I love the one story line of this! Oh well.

  3. I happen to love World War II novels so I notice with pleasure that novels on the subject keep on popping up in the market. Does anybody know why is trendier now to write about that period?

  4. This sounds interesting enough that I've added it to my wish list!

  5. I think I'd like this one just for the WWII aspect!

  6. Robinbird, it is worthwhile.

    Amused, I agree, the storyline itself is great.

    Violante, my guess is readers rule the market and a lot of us love WWII books.

    Susied, I hope you enjoy it if and when you read it.

    Jenclair, that and that it focused of female pilots during WWII, is what got me to read it.