Sunday, June 12, 2011

HT Recommends: Empress Maria Therese

Normally when we do a HT Recommends post it is because someone has asked us for some recommendations about an specific era or time and we have books that fit the criteria.

This time is a bit different because the request comes from a Twitter conversation where Ari from Reading in Color asked for recommendations about Marie Antoinette's mother.

Empress Maria Therese was the only female ruler of the Hapsburg dominions, was the last of the Hapsburgs to rule, mother of one of the more famous women in history, and so you would think that there would be some historical fiction written about her, but I don't know of anything. There are certain people in history that you would think that there would be more written about, and this would seem to be one of those times!

So, for this HT Recommends post, I am asking our readers for recommendations of books about Empress Maria Therese.


  1. I wrote about her at some length in my last book, The Secret Diary of a Princess, which was about the childhood of Marie Antoinette. It ended with her marriage and was primarily set in Vienna at the court of Maria Theresa. :)

    I haven't come across any novels specifically about the Empress, alas. In fact, there is a dearth of up to date English language non fiction books too, which is peculiar.

  2. Marg, I found the following titles:

    Maria Theresa, The Last Conservative by Constance Lily Morris
    Maria Theresa of Austria by J. Alexander Mahan
    Maria Theresa of Austria by Margaret Goldsmith
    Maria Theresa by Paul Tabori
    Joseph II: In The Shadow of Maria Theresa by Derek Beales

    But I haven't read them so I can't really say how good they are...not to mention that some might be hard to find.

  3. madame Guillotine, I would love to read The Secret Diary of a Princess! Unfortunately, I have a Kobo and not a Kindle. Any chance you will release it in other formats?

  4. Keen observation. I would have never realized that. I see a future project for some writer :)