Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Susanna Kearsley Week: Breaking News

We are very pleased to announce that Susanna Kearsley's UK publishers (Allison and Busby) have contacted us, and in addition to the 3 copies of The Winter Sea that we are giving away courtesy of Sourcebooks, we are now also giving away 3 copies of Sophia's Secret (which is the same book, just with a different title), so there are now six chances to win as part of Susanna Kearsley week.

The contest ends on December 3, 2010. If you have already entered, then there is no need to enter again. If you have not already entered then please, click on the link below and complete the form to do so!


  1. Thanks to both Allison & Busby and Source Books! Its great that they have supported your Susanna Kearsley week!

  2. I do have very awesome publishers :-)!

    And thanks so much to Historical Tapestry, for honouring me with this week. It's a truly incredible feeling to see this, I really can't thank you enough.