Thursday, December 16, 2010

Historical Fiction reading challenges for 2011

Royal Mistress Challenge 2011

Miss Moppet is back with this challenge focussing on the the fascinating women who were mistresses to royalty through the ages, whether they be actual people from history, or fictional characters.

Chivalrous Deeds: a Historical Fiction Challenge

Hosted by Holly from Bippity Boppity Book

As a Knight or Lady Knight, visit as many courts as possible. For example, reading Victoria Victorious by Jean Plaidy would count as 1 visit/chivalrous deed achieved at the court of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Reading No Will But His by Sarah Hoyt would count as 1 visit/chivalrous deed achieved at the court of Catherine Howard and Henry VIII, etc...

War Through the Generations: US Civil War

YA Historical Fiction Reading Challenge hosted at Books Are a Girl's Best Friend

Are you looking for  an escape from the contemporary world?
Are you a big historical fiction fan who has never delved into the YA section of the genre?
Or maybe you have been meaning to try a new genre for a while....?
Or are you a YA historical fiction lover already?

 Georgette Heyer 2011 Reading Challenge hosted by All Things Historical Fiction

  • The book must be by Georgette Heyer obviously and it must be HF. It can't be one of her mystery novels.
  • You must read at least 3 books and they can't be one's that you've already read because that sort of defeats the purpose.
  • This is a year long challenge so you have until January 1st of 2012 to finish your personal goal.
Full details here


  1. Oooh -- I hadn't heard about the first two challenges -- tempting, tempting!

  2. I will be participating in: Chivalrous Deeds and Georgette Heyer... along with many more I'm sure, lol.