Sunday, November 28, 2010

Susanna Kearsley Week - An Introduction

When you really love an author a day to celebrate them really will not do! Alex, Marg, and Kelly have all become very big fans of Kearsley over the last couple years, so in tribute to her, and in honour of the U.S. release of The Winter Sea, we have dedicated a week to her.
Over the next week there will be reviews, an interview with Susanna Kearsley, a guest post, and a give-aways! We hope that everyone enjoys learning more about Susanna Kearsley and her body of work.We are also hoping that Ana and Teddy will be inspired by this week and read The Winter Sea, too!
To get things started, though, I am going to announce the give-away. We are giving away 2 U.S. copies and 1 International copy of The Winter Sea. To enter simply clink on the link below to take you to the entry form!

The contest ends on December 3, 2010


  1. Wonderful news! I am a huge fan of Susanna Kearsley and The Winter Sea is a favorite read in 2010! I'll be checking back to take part in a week-long celebration of Kearsley.

    Joanne@Slice of Life

  2. I'm a big Kearsley fan as well, looking forward to the posts this week.

  3. Rosario, you were the one who wrote the review that made me want to read The Winter Sea!

    Joanne, I hope you enjoy the week!