Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cover story: Anna Godbersen

The cover gods love Anna Godbersen. I am hardpressed to name another author who get such consistently good, no, not good, absolutely gorgeous covers!

As soon as I saw the cover for The Luxe I knew I wanted it. I have owned this book for a number of years now, and still haven't read it! I do love to look at it though. This gorgeous cover was followed by another three lovely covers for the rest of the series.

And now, at the beginning of a new series, set in a different era (late 1920's), once again Anna Godberson gets a cover that I would be happy to look at constantly!


  1. The covers were what drew me to the series too. I love the cover on Envy the best. I'm still undecided on the new one :)

  2. I too love the covers and Envy is my favorite. I haven't had the chance to read these but I have SO wanted to. And I didn't know that she had a a new series!

  3. Historically inaccurate. I wasn't a fan of the Luxe series but the cover are nice. I like Bright Young Things much better. I see improvement in the author.