Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kailana's Books of a Lifetime

Back in July Marg, Ana, and Alex all posted their Books of a Lifetime Post. My computer broke, so I was a bit delayed in even finding out that it was happening and now I am really late doing my post, but it was too fun to not. It's hard to narrow things down.

Childhood Years
Fantasy and science-fiction have always been my main genres over the years, but I am going to leave them off the list because this is a historical fiction blog. I might do a post with a fantasy-theme on my own blog. Anyway, the others all mentioned Trixie Belden. I feel I should have a series like that, but I only really read Nancy Drew and I always found them a bit corny and 'too nice'.
Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker

This is one of the first historical fiction novels that I ever read. I was in like the fourth grade and I remember being really captivated by this story. Back when I read it I didn't know a lot about the Underground Railroad and I still am drawn to books that cover this aspect of history, so I credit this as my start. I really should reread this.

Anne of Green Gables Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery

One summer when I was about 10 I decided to read this entire series. I loved it and I really really need to reread it. Anne was a fantastic character and I enjoyed learning all about her family, friends, and the beautiful island that she calls home.

Teenage Years

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Not entirely historical, but I am counting it anyways. I loved this series and even if I never read it again it will always be on my best of list. There is so much going on in these books and lots of characters to enjoy.

Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende

This might be adult years, but I almost forgot this book! I love Allende. Love, love, love her! Some are not historical fiction, though, so I just mentioned this one. There were a couple of her books that were not as strong as this one, but overall she can do no wrong and remains one of my favourite authors of all time. I recently read her most recent novel and I loved it!

Adult Years

The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman

I loved this book. It is over 900 pages long, if I remember correctly, and so in-depth! I knew what was going to happen, but I still enjoyed watching things unfold and I still was hoping that things would turn out differently even though that was impossible! This is the only book I have read by Penman and I really need to remedy that one day!

The Cheney Sisters Series by Susan Carroll

I really enjoy anything that combines historical fiction and fantasy. This series might not be entirely factual, but I really enjoyed reading it anyways. The first three books were my favourite, but overall I loved them all. I was really sad to see this series end.

Mistress of Death Series by Ariana Franklin

I really enjoy series about strong female characters and this is another series that I am really excited about. This series seems rather believable, though. It might not have actually happened, but it brings in aspects of history and historical characters. The latest book wasn't as strong as the rest of the series, but I am still looking forward to the next book.

There are a lot more, but those were the three that came to mind first!

Recent Reads

Recently I read The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley and I loved it! The other bloggers all ready mentioned it, so I won't really say much more about it. Just point out that they were right and you really should read it! Plus, Kearsley is Canadian, so something else that always gets me excited. I also read Mariana by her and really enjoyed that book, too. This is an example of why book blogging is great.


  1. I really enjoyed Sunne in Splendour and the Cheney sisters books as well. I agree it's too bad that Carroll didn't write more about them.

  2. The Cheney sisters books were good weren't they! I STILL haven't read the last couple, but I will one day!

    Sunne in Splendour was my first Penman, and it is still my favourite book about Richard III!

    I love that we all have The Winter Sea on our list. I have been pushing that book to everyone I know! lol

  3. I'm glad to see Sunne in Splendour here. You will love her Welsh trilogy - it would definitely make my own lifetime list!


  4. I loved Anne of Green Gables, but had a hard time getting into LoTR. I haven't read any of the rest that you have listed.