Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HT News

How would you like to visit the sites of Tudor England? What about with a best selling author, both of non-fiction and historical fiction as your guide? In June next year, Alison Weir is hosting the Tudor Treasures tour. For full details (including the itinerary) head over to the Tudor Book blog.

Over at Austenprose, Laurel Ann is Celebrating Georgette Heyer all through the month of August. There will be reviews, guest posts, giveaways and more, so head on over to find out more.

You can win your choice of a book from Sandra Worth's backlist over at Royal Reviews.

There is a copy of His Last Letter by Jeane Westin up for grabs at The Burton Review


  1. Oh man how I wish I could go to the Tudor Treasures tour! That sounds like so much fun!!!

    Thanks for letting us know about the Georgette Heyer celebration - I'll be sure to check it out since I love her!

    Take care ladies!

  2. It would be awesome to go on the tour wouldn't it!