Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seton Season Wrap Up

And it's time to conclude our Anya Seton Season.  We would like to thank all the authors and readers who contributed with guests posts and who participated in the comments making this celebration of Anya Seton's work a success. It was a whole month of reviews, guest posts, giveaways and even a casting suggestion for one of Seton's books. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did and if you haven't read Seton yet that you feel tempted to try one of her books. According to our recent poll Katherine is indeed her most beloved book so if you are unsure where to start that one may be a good choice.

This was our third Season here at Historical Tapestry,  after Georgette Heyer and Jean Plaidy, and we already have a list of authors to feature in future events but if there's someone you would like to see spotlighted here - preferably an author with a big backlist - feel free to leave us the suggestion in the comments.

So... thank you all and we hope you continue to enjoy the reviews we have coming up as we resume our usual schedule!

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