Monday, June 28, 2010

If You Want to Know More...


When we hosted our first HT Season we started with an author who not only had several websites devoted to her life and work but also two books had already been published about her. We thought of creating a post listing those other resources that readers could use to know more about the authors.

Sadly, although she certainly deserves one, we couldn't find a website dedicated to Anya Seton. However, there are several pages on the web mentioning her and dedicated to one or more of her books and that's what we are listing below:

The Author
Anya Seton biography - an entry from Contemporary Authors by Thompson Gale

Anya Seton on Facebook

Anya Seton's obituary at The New York Times

The Seton's at Home - article about Anya Seton and her family

The Books
Katherine, a foreword by Philippa Gregory

Michelle Moore's site about Katherine

Article about Devil Water

Margaret Evans Porter review of Devil Water

Love in the time of Green Darkness - Article about Anya Seton in The Austin Chronicle

Cover Art Gallery

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