Thursday, April 1, 2010

Challenge: The Alphabet in Historical Fiction

It's time for a new letter in The Alphabet in Historical Fiction but first let's take a look at our entries for the letter H :

1. Ana T (Aneca's World) - The Conquered Heart by Denée Cody
2. Marg (The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader) - Those Devilish Alistairs: Georgette Heyer
3. Leya (Wandeca Reads) - Mistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper
4. Sarah (Reading the Past) - Forget Not Ariadne by Pamela Hill
5. Cat (Tell me a Story) - Faro's Daughter by Georgette Heyer
6. Carrie C. - Snow Mountain Passage by James D. Houston
7. Gretchen - Devil's Brood by Sharon Kay Penman
8. Heather - Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
9. Lucy (Enchanted by Josephine) - My Enemy the Queen by Vitoria Holt
10. Robin (The Lady Gwyn's Kingdom) - The Hollow Crown by Helen Hollick
11. Teddy (So Many Precious Books) - The Stolen Crown by Susan Higginbotham
12. Stephanie (Stark Raving Bibliophile - I Served the King of England by Bohumil Hrabal

And now it's time to remember the rules and introduce the new letter!

Each fortnight you have to write a blog post about an historical fiction book of your choice (it might even be something you already read before), but it MUST be related to the letter of the fortnight.

You have several possibilities:

- the first letter of the title
- the first letter of the author's first name or surname
- the first letter of a character's first name or surname
- the first letter of a place where an historical event took place

You just have to choose one of them and participate.

Please check our blog each 1st and 15th of the month to find out our new letter, and then link your post (not your blog) back to our page through Mr Linky (see below). Then come and check to see who else has posted and visit their blog to find out all the details of the book they were reading.

You have until April 14th to complete your mission, the next letter will be published on April 15th and it is the letter I:


  1. I can't wait to read all these reviews. :-) I had one up too:

  2. I've added yours to the round up Stephanie, and I have put my post up for I. Already thinking about what to post about for J.

  3. For letter I, I've reviewed Isobel Gunn, by Audrey Thomas. It's the story of an impoverished Scottish girl who disguises herself as a man in order to travel to Canada and work as a fur trader with the Hudson's Bay Company. Based on a true historical figure.

  4. Here is my post for H. Yes..I am so late. The Heretic Queen, by Michelle Moran.

    I couldn't put it on Mr. Linky.