Thursday, December 31, 2009

Upcoming Releases - January 2010

January 1
Sharon Lathan - The Darcy's at Years End (US)
Elisabeth McNeill - The Heartbreaker (UK)
T. G. Morgan - The Master of Bruges (UK)

January 5
Tracy Chevalier - Remarkable Creatures (US)
Kate Emerson - Between Two Queens (UK)
Karen Harper - Mistress Shakespeare (US)
Eugenia Kim - The Calligrapher's Daughter (UK)

January 6
Diane A.S. Stuckart - Portrait of a Lady (US)

January 7
Omair Ahmad - The Storyteller's Tale (UK)
Benita Brown - Starlight and Dreams (UK)
Diana Gabaldon - An Echo In The Bone (UK)
Panos Karnezis - The Convent (UK)
Richard Rayner - A Bright and Guilty Place: Murder in LA (UK)
John Wilcox - The Shangani Patrol (UK)

January 11
June Francis - Sunshine and Showers (UK)
January 19
Maryse Conde - Victoire, My Grandmother (UK)
Bernard Cornwell - The Burning Land (US)
Sara Donati - The Endless Forest (UK)

January 21
Jane Borodale - The Book of Fires
Christian Cameron - Tyrant: Funeral Games (UK)
Sam Eastman - Eye of The Red Czar (UK)
Karen Harper - The Queen's Governess (UK)

January 22
Christian Cameron - Tyrant: Storm of Arrows (UK)

January 28
Laura Joh Rowland - The Cloud Pavilion (UK)

January 29
David Dockinson - Death of a Wine Merchant (UK)


  1. Sure looks like a nice list of books coming out!!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Mouth watering anticipation for a year of great reading.

    Happy New Year!

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