Monday, November 23, 2009

Red Adam's Lady by Grace Ingram

I have a new book to add to my medieval keeper's shelf. Red Adam's Lady is a fun tale, it has a perfect medieval atmosphere and it has engaging characters telling an interesting story, what more can you ask for?

Julitta is an orphan young lady who leaves with her uncle. She likes to go about simply dress and one day is mistaken for a servant maid and almost attacked (seduced?) by an inebriated Red Adam. She manages to hit him in the head and avoid the worst but she spends the night in his chambers and the day after everyone believes she was ill used by him.

Red Adam, who is actually a nice man when he is not drunk and being a nuisance and a rake, decides to reform and make amends and that is how Julitta ends up married to her abuser. What follows is Julitta and Red Adam getting to know each other, dealing with some villains in the form of Julitta's uncle and his friends and the wife of their steward while at the same time trying to discover what really happened to the wife of Red Adam's uncle from whom he inherited his estate.

The books gives us a good feel of the medieval period and the hardships involved in daily wife and also presents an interesting picture of the divided loyalties of the time, between Young Henry and Henry II, and the horrors of the Scottish invasion.

Now, if only I could find her other books I would be really happy!

Grade: 4.5/5


  1. I so agree with you. I love this book, found it by chance years ago, and have taken it with me to all my subsequent homes. A classic!

    I've never encountered another book by her, though. So if you can find a title, I shall be grateful.

  2. I've never heard of this author before. The name Julitta is pretty unique as well. Something about the way you described this reminds me of Brenda Joyce's The Conqueror.

  3. Jenny
    I found another one but I'm still waiting for it to arrivel in the mail. It's called Power of Darkness.

    No, the hero's are as different as they could be.