Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HT Recommends: Coal Mining and Framework Knitters

Ann asks:

Please could you give me any suggestions of historical fiction set in Yorkshire's coal mining industry or Ilkeston's frame work knitters.

This was a very specific request and while we do have some suggestions they are few and in some cases a bit more generic than requested. Can anyone help out building a nice TBR pile for Ann?

Yorkshire Coal Mining Industry:
The Call of The Huntsman - Nina Whitehouse
Next of Kin - Stan Barstow

Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire Framework Knitters:
Tangled Threads - Margaret Dickinson
Pauper's Gold - Margaret Dickinson
Shirley - Charlotte Bronte (set against the backdrop of the Luddite riots)
Narrow Marsh - A. R. Dance

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