Monday, October 26, 2009

HT News

CW Gortner has introduced a new feature at his blog, where he will spotlight a new book trailer each week. Now, I can only think of one book trailer that has made me want to read a book right now, but I do like watching trailers for books I have already read. The first trailer featured is for Jeri Westerson's Crispin Guest series.

Speaking of new features, we here at HT will have details of a new feature that we will be introducing shortly! We hope it will be something that lots of you will be interested in participating in too.

You can win a copy of Hugh and Bess by Susan Higginbotham over at A Reader's Respite. Susan has generously agreed to provide the winner with a copy of The Traitor's Wife. She is also giving away a copy of the same book at her own blog.

Deanna Raybourn is going to be on Blogtalkradio (or has been - I can never figure out time zones). You can check out the link here.

Another interview that you can listen to, this time with Hilary Mantel, about her novel Wolf Hall.

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