Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HT News

Diana Gabaldon's publisher in the UK is giving the readers the possibility of getting her first book earlier than the release date:

Orion, Diana’s publishers in the UK, are happy to make the following offer so that all her UK fans can enjoy An Echo in the Bone at the earliest opportunity. If you pre-order the Orion hardcover edition (publishing on 21 January 2010) from Amazon, or Waterstone’ and send the invoice/receipt, which includes your delivery address, to, we will then send you a copy of our export trade paperback edition absolutely free on 22 September, the first date the book is available anywhere in the world.’


  1. No fair! That's a really cool idea...I wish her US publishers join!

  2. Hi Amy, the book is released in the US on Sep 22. :-)