Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cover Story: Plaidy's reprints

Arrow Covers

Jean Plaidy's titles are being reprinted by Three Rivers Press in the US and Arrow books in the UK. They both are a part of Random House. If you follow the links mentioned you will find many many more covers. It's fun to compare the same book with different covers.

Three Rivers Press Covers

Not only have they different covers but some of the books have different titles in each country, for instance To Hold The Crown was previously published in the UK as Uneasy Lies The Head.
The covert art is different with Three Rivers Press creating a look for the whole series which will definately make them easier to spot on the shelves. And Arrow following much of the current trend with lots of headless women.

Arrow cover

Three Rivers Press

Which ones do you prefer? Are you collecting them now or is Plaidy already in your bookshelves in some of the old editions?

To see more covers check Jean Plaidy's Royal Intrigue gallery


  1. I really like the Three Rivers covers because, as you said, it makes them easy to find in the store (and on my shelves).

  2. My favorite of these covers is the The Heart of the Lion--it's nice to see a man in there! I think the UK covers are prettier, but I think the Three Rivers cover do a better job of portraying the historical figures involved.

  3. Definitely the Arrow covers. I like the emphasis on the picture rather than the title, I guess. Don't care for the colored blocks on the Three Rivers covers (although, honestly, I'd read them regardless of covers).

  4. I am loving the Arrow covers, would make me pick them up at once

  5. I'm a sucker for a pretty book cover. The first two are beautiful.