Tuesday, April 14, 2009


First of all, we have been very lucky to be awarded the Premio Dardas award by Annie from Reading, Writing and Ranting!

Annie said:

These lovely bloggers run a fantastic historical fiction review blog and work hard to keep it updated. Their reviews are in-depth and fascinating. If you love HF, you have to check it out!

Thanks so much for those lovely words Annie!

Anyway, I know that there are a whole bunch of people who are waiting to hear whether they have won the giveaway of Susan Higginbotham's The Traitor's Wife. Originally we thought that we had two copies of the book to give away, but Susan has generously agreed to give away 4 copies of the book to our lucky winners!

Our question was what eras do you like to read about in historical fiction. Here are our winners, and their answers:

  • Okibi-Insanity (Sue) - I love historical books. The Tudor dynasty is of course one of my favorites. I mean who cannot love all those political roller coaster. I also love reading about the medieval times and the times of cleopatra.
  • LadyDoc - I can't think of an era I don't like reading about, although the medieval Plantagenets are not my favorites. Maybe a little William & Mary?
  • Anne Gilbert - Well, I am currently in the middle of Sharon Penman's The Devil's Brood, which I never thought I'd be reading! It's a fascinating story, and Ms.Penman characterizes all of the participants very, very well. My favorite historical period is medieval, but I'll read about almost any historical period, as long as it's well-written and engaging, and doesn't "mess" too much with what is known(or what I know about it).
  • AndreaZ - I am really interested in this era as there are does not seem to be as many books about this era in British history in comparison with the Tudor era. Looking forward to reading this book and thanks for the opportunity to win it!

Winners were chosen using the random number generator from random.org. Winners have five days to send their full postal address through to us. Our email address is historical.tapestry@gmail.com. If anyone has not sent their details to us within the five days we will redraw.


  1. Congratulations on the award ladies!

    And YEAH!! to the 4 lucky people that will soon be reading an excellent novel! You're in for a treat =)

  2. Congratulations to the winners! :-)

  3. Congratulations! I liked reading people's responses :)

  4. Congratulations on the award - it is well deserved! You have a wonderful blog full of information.

    Thank you for the lovely prize!
    Andrea Z

  5. congrats on the award, it is well deserved.
    and congrats to the book winners, that was a great book.

  6. congrats on the award and to the winners