Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HT News

Over at Historical Novel Review, there is a new interview with Gabrielle de Montserrat, heroine of Catherine Delors excellent book, Mistress of the Revolution. There will also be an excerpt and a giveaway. Ana and I both really liked this book, and so are pleased to see it getting some well deserved attention.

Kate Furnivall has posted just a small snippet about her next book. Once again, she will be spending time in Russia, but this time set during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. I will be reading it for sure!

Congrats to CW Gortner. His book, The Last Queen has been nominated the inaugural Heathrow Travel Product Awards in the Travel Read: Fiction category. To quote the awards website, "the awards are your chance to recognise and vote for the products that help make your journey better, and you could win the award winners in our exclusive prize draw." The winners are decided by a public vote at the above website.

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  1. No to mention that I would really like to see Catherine Delors next book published sooner...