Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still I Rise by Roland Laird with Tanesha Nash Laird, Illustrated by Elihu "Adofo" Bey

A Graphic History

'Still I rise' is a graphic history book about the struggles, heroic, and triumphant history of African Americans. It mentions all of the largely known history but it also tells of more little known facts and of important people who helped shape how America is today.

Something I certainly didn't learn in my school history books was that of indentured servitude which lead to slavery. I didn't enjoy my history classes back in grammar school or high school because the text books were dry.

This book would make students want to learn the history of African Americans! It is a short book but the details of the history included are rich in detail. It is well researched, well written, and beautifully illustrated.

This is my first time reading a graphic book. There have been some that sound good but I have been hesitant. I visualize a comic strip, like the Sunday funnies in the newspaper. I just couldn't believe that they could be taken seriously. Still I Rise has changes my view point! If you haven't read a graphic book, this would be a good place to start!

Highly recommended!



  1. I haven't read many graphic novels, but I did enjoy Persepolis by Marjane Sartrapi

  2. Somehow it seems like cheating if it's a graphic novel! I'll have to give that a look. I recently finished "Two Brothers: One North, One South," set, obviously from the title, during the Civil War. It's by David Jones, a lifelong student of the war -- and boy, his expertise shows. It's really well researched. If you're looking for really character-driven HF, then this might not for you. But if a book that's got loads of information, that's a fictional account of real historical people and events (spiced up with some great and authentic battle scenes!) is what you like, then you'll love this book. And you'll learn a lot about the American Civil War and glimpse the humanity of its participants.

  3. Marg, I had been putting off reading Persepolis because it is a graphic. LOL! Now that I know that I can enjoy graphic books, I will read it.


    "Two Brothers: One North, One South" is on my TBR. I'm glad it's a good one. Thanks for the suggestion.