Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cover Story: The Julia Grey Mystery series

Mira Books, Hardcover, 2007, US cover

Having just read the first two books of this series made me aware of the different covers out there. When I bought these books I completely fell in love with the covers but I had the problem that I couldn't find a matching set. Either I bought one Mass Market Paperback (or hardcover) and one Trade Paperback or I would have to resort to a cover that I liked less.

I ended up buying one MMP and one TP but now I can't find a matching cover for the third book as the publisher decided to change their style. I really don't think they changed it for the better. Instead of covers that stood out (imo) on the shelves, we now have covers that look like just any other romance novel out there.

With the third book in the series, Silent on the Moor, due to be released on 1 March it seemed like a good time to do a Cover Story post! Above and below I've posted the several covers that can be found for these books. Do you have any favourites? Are you collecting this series? If so which covers do you have?

Mira, Mass Market Paperback, 2009, US cover

Mira, paperbak, 2009, US cover

Harlequin Mills & Boon, Paperback, 2007

Mira, Paperback Editions, 2008, UK covers

Mira, Trade Paperback, 2008, US cover

Mira, Mass Market Paperback, 2007, US Cover

Harlequin Australia, Paperback, 2007

Harlequin Australia, Papaerback 2008

Harlequin Australia, Paperback, 2009


  1. I definitely prefer the original U.S. covers by Mira. (On the "Silent in the Grave" hardcover and MMP and on the "Silent in the Sanctuary" TP.) I was actually dismayed to see the style change on the new book.

  2. I am reading Silent in the Sanctuary at the moment, and the cover I have is the second one from the bottom. I really, really don't like it! Then again, I do like the presentation in the novel, so maybe I am just hard to please.

    The new covers do look as though they could be romance covers. My preferred covers are definitely the original Mira ones.

  3. I saw Silent on the Moor in BigW yesterday, and its cover is different again. Did not stand out as a Raybourn at all!

  4. My preferred covers are also the original Mira ones. I don't like the new romance novel covers - doesn't make these books stand out enough - or any of the others really. Oh well. At least the content stands out.

  5. I like the first cover best. The 2008 US cover is nice too.
    I havent read this series myself.

  6. I agree. I like the castle picture covers the best. I think they are the best representations of the books. I actually shy away from covers that have the "harelequin style" of a man and a woman in embrace, etc. because it makes me think it's just going to be another mindless romance novel. And these books are so much better than that.

  7. Reading here is becoming an expensive habit. I am still collecting all the available Maisie Dobbs books (to be saved for and savoured during the summer on the beach) and now here is another series that I obviously MUST have!

    Thanks so much for all these introductions!

  8. I love the US hardcover and original mass market paperback covers. I can't stand the new ones -- they look like too much like bodice-ripping romance novels.