Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Release: The Swan Maiden by Jules Watson

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to discover Australian author Jules Watson. Her Dalriada trilogy was very enjoyable. Since reading it, I have been waiting very impatiently, but finally the day is here! And not only had Jules been busy with getting ready for the book release, she also has a new website launching as well! This is one book that I am looking forward to reading!

In this lush, romantic retelling of one of the most enduring Irish legends, acclaimed Celtic historical author Jules Watson reignites the tale of Deirdre—the Irish Helen of Troy—in a story that is at once magical, beautiful, and tragic.

She was born with a blessing and a curse: that she would grow into a woman of extraordinary beauty—and bring ruin to the kingdom of Ulster and its ruler, the wily Conor. Ignoring the pleadings of his druid to expel the infant, King Conor secrets the girl child with a poor couple in his province, where no man can covet her. There, under the tutelage of a shamaness, Deirdre comes of age in nature and magic…. And in the season of her awakening, the king is inexorably drawn to her impossible beauty.

But for Deirdre, her fate as a man’s possession is worse than death. And soon the green-eyed girl, at home in waterfall and woods, finds herself at the side of three rebellious young warriors. Among them is the handsome Naisi. His heart charged with bitterness toward the aging king, and growing in love for the defiant girl, Naisi will lead Deirdre far from Ulster—and into a war of wits, swords, and spirit that will take a lifetime to wage.

Brimming with life and its lusts, here is a soaring tale of enchantment and eternal passions—and of a woman who became legend.

I think it sounds great! The Swan Maiden is released in the US and the UK on 24 February (yes, today!). I have to say though, I am really disappointed that there is no Australian version of this book scheduled for release yet!


  1. I always loved this story, my fav irish one

  2. Oh! This does look exciting! And I was just thinking about going to buy myself a birthday present... Thanks for the heads up!