Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HT News

Another Helen Hollick interview, this time at Medieval Bookworm. It seems that Hollick is going to be going on a blog tour, and there is a list of of the tour stops on Meghan's review of The Kingmaking.

Michelle Moran has interviewed Jules Watson about her new book, The Swan Maiden.

I mentioned a week or so ago that there was a new HF author group blog. Now, there has been a change of title to Early Medieval Britain and there are new contributors to the blog as well. The current list is Anne Gilbert, Carla Nayland, Elizabeth Chadwick, Kathleen Guler, Meghan Kawka and Nan Hawthorne.


  1. I'm in good company with all those authors, I'm just an aspiring historian! Heh. Thanks for all the linking!

  2. Thanks for spotlighting our blog and name change. As our collective grew, it was obvious that limiting the scope was wasting some talent... so I decided to let them write about something other than my beloved Saxon England...

    Nan Hawthorne