Saturday, January 17, 2009

HT News - Giveaways

Reading the Past is having a giveaway with a different. Instead of giving away a newly released, Sarah is giving away a book that she has reviewed as part of her Reviews of Obscure Books series.

The book in question is The Cloister and the Citadel by Brigid Knight. You can read the review of the book here, and enter the giveaway here.


  1. I want this book so bad. The only copy I could find of it is at for $84.00. I kid not!

    I think whoever wins it should host a giveaway of it when their done reading it. If it keeps on going through giveaways maybe eventially we can all have a chance to read it. LOL!

  2. Thanks for posting about the contest, and good luck to all!

    FYI, there are two copies on Amazon UK which are priced very reasonably - £2.50 or £2.75 plus postage.